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Franz Roh papers, ca. 1911-1965.

Roh, Franz, 1890-1965.

Available at Special Collections  SPECIAL COLLECTIONS - CONTACT REFERENCE  (850120 )()

  • Title:
    Franz Roh papers, ca. 1911-1965.
  • Author/Creator: Roh, Franz, 1890-1965.
  • Creation Date: ca. 1911-1965.
  • Biographical/Historical Note: German art historian and pioneer critic of 20th century avant-garde, who took an interest in the study and development of photography as an art form. In addition, he served as faculty at a number of institutions, including the University of Munich. Roh studied and lived primarily in Munich.
  • Arrangement: Organized in four series: Series I. Correspondence; Series II. Raoul Hausmann letters and writing; Series III. J.A. Baader letters and writing; Series IV. War diary and ephemera.
  • Physical Desc.: 7 boxes..
  • Summary: Collection consists primarily of letters received from more than 1,000 correspondents, dating from ca. 1911-1965. The correspondence is of a personal, intellectual and business nature, and reflects a wide range of correspondents, including colleagues and fellow students, critics, editors, gallery owners and curators throughout Germany, but also notably in France and the United States. Letters contain thanks and complaints concerning his criticism, and requests for reviews, catalog statements, photos, introductions and articles. Discussed throughout the collection are exhibitions and publications, including the following works of Roh: "Streit um die Moderne Kunst," "Hollaendischen Malerei," "Art of the 20th century," "Photo-Auge," and "Die Kunst und das schoene Heim." There is little material extant for the Nazi period and the war years, but there is extensive discussion of de-Nazification and of the personal history of correspondents during the Nazi era.
    Many of the letters relate to the affairs of German and international teaching institutions, artists' associations, museums and galleries (including, notably, the Zentralinstitut in Munich, the Munich Kunstrunde, the ZEN Group, the Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art, and the Guggenheim Museum and Museum of Modern Art in New York.) While Roh's involvement with exhibitions of contemporary art is reflected throughout the collection, an extensive portion chronicles his encouragement of younger German artists after the war.
    A significant portion of the correspondence from artists dates from the pre-war years. Of particular note in this group are the collections of letters from Heinrich Campendonk, Helen Czapski-Holzmann, Paul Frankl, Alexander Kanoldt, Carlo Mense, K.H. Nebel, Karl Roessing, Georg Schrimpf and Gabriele Munter-Kandinsky. Among artists' correspondence which dates from both the pre-war and the post-war periods, there are files of notes on Jean Arp, Ernst Fritsch, Anton Raederscheidt, Hans Reichel, Rudolf von Ripper, Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart, and Laszlo, Lucia and Sibyl Moholy-Nagy. Significant post-war artists' correspondence files include those of Rudi Baerwind, Herbert Bayer, Xavier Fuhr, K.O. Goetz, Hans Hofmann, Karl Knappe, Norbert Kricke, Johannes Molzahn, Hans Richter, Otto Ritschl, Eberhard Schlotter, Kurt Weinhold, Wilhelm Wessel, Conrad Westpfahl and Werner Schreib.
    The most extensive continuing correspondence is that from other critics, editors and academic friends. Among this group there is extensive pre-war correspondence from Hermann Beenken, Gertrud Heidrich, Klinkhardt and Biermann Verlag, H. Oppermann, Alma Salomonsohn, Wilhelm Waetzoldt, Carola Giedion-Welcker and Heinrich Wölfflin. Lengthy correspondence with Rudi Carnap, Hans Curjel, Veronika Czapski-Erdmann, Wilhelm Flitner, Hans Freyer, G.F.Hartlaub, Otto Neurath, Hermann Nohl, Rudi and Lisi Peters, Egon Vietta, Paul Westheim and Willi Wolfradt spans both the pre-war and the post-war years. In Roh's post-war correspondence files, of special note are those letters of Henry Proskauer, John Anthony Thwaites, C. (Nena) von Scheliha and Hilla von Rebay. A manuscript travel diary by Nena von Scheliha describes her travels through Mexico.
    Two files contain significant manuscript material. A long series of letters from Raoul Hausmann, most dating from 1946-1965, appears with a number of Hausmann's typescript essays and narratives, dating from 1921. Hausmann was closely associated with J.A. Baader's affairs during Baader's madness, and a number of Baader's writings and meditations are included in a separate file, most dated 1946.
    There are also 48 letters from Roh, ca. 1913-1958, to Thwaites, Mayer, Hofmann, Sauerlaender, Fuhr, Flitner, and "Chacha" Peters, among others. Three files contain photocopies of letters from Roh to Wilhelm Flitner, 1910-1965.
    A typed partial transcript is of Roh's war diary (1915), written while he was a field soldier. One file contains ephemera.
  • Language: German
  • Notes: Mss. (holographs, typescripts); some printed matter.
  • Form/Genre: Diaries
  • Subjects: Art, Modern Art criticism Art -- Exhibitions Art museums -- Germany National socialism and art Photography Mexico -- Description and travel
  • Contributors: Arp, Jean, 1887-1966. Baader, Johannes, 1875-1955. Bayer, Herbert, 1900-1985. Campendonk, Heinrich, 1889-1957. Carnap, Rudolf, 1891-1970. Flitner, Wilhelm, 1889-1990. Frankl, Paul, 1878-1962. Freyer, Hans, 1887-1969. Fritsch, Ernst, 1892-1965. Fuhr, Xavier, 1898-1973. Giedion-Welcker, Carola. Götz, K. O. (Karl Otto), 1914- Hartlaub, Gustav Friedrich, 1884-1963. Hausmann, Raoul, 1886-1971. Hofmann, Hans, 1880-1966. Kanoldt, Alexander, 1881-1939. Kricke, Norbert, 1922-1984. Mense, Carlo, 1886-1965. Moholy-Nagy, László, 1895-1946. Molzahn, Johannes, 1892-1965. Münter, Gabriele, 1877-1962. Nebel, Kay Heinrich, 1888-1953. Neurath, Otto, 1882-1945. Nohl, Herman, 1879-1960. Rebay, Hilla, 1890-1967. Reiche, Hans, 1914- Richter, Hans, 1888-1976. Ritschl, Otto, 1885-1976. Schlotter, Eberhard. Schreib, Werner. Schrimpf, Georg, 1889-1938. Thwaites, John Anthony, 1909-1981. Vordemberge-Gildewart, Friedrich, 1899-1962. Scheliha, C. (Nena) von. Waetzoldt, Wilhelm, 1880-1945. Westheim, Paul. Westpfahl, Conrad, 1891-1976. Wölfflin, Heinrich, 1864-1945. Wolfradt, Willi, 1892-1959.
  • ID/Accession Number: 88-A45
  • Access/Rights: Open for use by qualified researchers, except the photocopies of Roh's letters to Wilhelm Flitner (box 6, f.3-5), which require the permission of Professor Andreas Flitner or Professor Ulrich Hermann, Tubingen.
  • OCLC Record Number: 79019707
  • Source: GRI Library Catalog

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